Thursday, November 11, 2010


2 good days the past week.

Last Saturday, went to the ASU/ USC game @ the Colesium. Had quite a few beers before the game so I was pretty drunk during the game. Well, ASU wasn't playing too well so we got up to leave towards the beginning of the 4th quarter. So as I made my way through the row towards the aisle to go up the stairs to the exit, I noticed a bunch of change on one of the empty chairs as I walked by. I quickly grabbed the change in full stride. I think I missed a few of the coins but managed to grab $.07. Pretty impressive as I was pretty drunk when we left. On the way out a USC cougar also grabbed my ass.

On Thursday, found 4 random pennies at the laundry mat. When the washer is filling w/ water, I take a walk around the place scouring the floor for change. This time, each penny was laying solo. Good finds. No cougars grabbed my ass this time.

YTD total: $104

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