Monday, March 29, 2010


Had a good couple days.

On Saturday I found 2 pennies at Socal Strongest Man Contest in HB. I was at the beach all day and it was very crowded. Kind of disappointed all I could come back with was $.02.

Sunday, I pulled into Circle K, opened the door, and 2 pennies were laying right in front of me. I quickly picked them up. In the store, I picked up another penny that was laying near the entrance as I entered the store. While paying for my dip, I noticed another penny laying close to the far register. I rushed over, snatched it up, came back to the register, and paid for my purchase.

Tonight, I found $.25 at the laundry mat laying on a table near the entrance. It was a quarter with a dent in it so it would not fit into a machine. The former owner just left the quarter on the table, obviously pissed that it wouldn't fit into the coin slot. The new owner finds a dented quarter just fine for him.

YTD $1.39.

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